Tower Arch Trail: The Second Best Trail In Arches National

The Tower Arch Trail is a great place for hikers to explore ancient sandstone formations. As you walk along the trail, you’ll see beautiful views and interesting rock formations. It’s like going back in time and learning about how this unique environment was formed.

Whether you love hiking or just want an amazing outdoor experience, Tower moab arch offers an adventure that goes beyond just looking at things – it’s a chance to connect with nature in a big way.

Moab Arch

It is a popular hiking trail located in Arches National Park, Utah. This moderate 3.4-mile loop trail offers stunning views of unique rock formations, including the iconic Moab Tower Arch.

The trail features a relatively easy terrain with some sandy sections and occasional rock scrambling, making it suitable for hikers of various skill levels.

tower arch arches national park
  • Distance: 2.5 miles (4 km) round trip
  • Elevation Gain: 600 feet (180 m)
  • Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours round trip
  • Difficulty: Easy / Moderate

The Tower Arch Trail in Arches National Park is a scenic and easy hike through beautiful desert landscapes. You’ll see Salt Valley, Klondike Bluffs, and the unique rock formations called the Marching Men. The trail is well-marked and not too hard, so hikers of all levels can enjoy it.

A highlight is Tower Arch, a striking sandstone arch that stands out in the red rock. It’s great for photos and a peaceful place to rest and enjoy the desert view. Hikers will have a rewarding experience with lots of photo opportunities and great views on the Tower Arch Trail.

It is a somewhat hard hike that goes to the impressive Tower Arch. The trail is about 3.4 miles in total and gives great views of the red rock formations around. Hikers will see cool rock formations and the beauty of the desert landscape.

Tower Arch is a big sandstone arch that stands out against the blue sky, making it a memorable sight. Visitors should bring lots of water, sunscreen, and good shoes for this hike, as the desert terrain can be tough.

cave and tower arch canyons

It takes hikers through the beautiful red rock landscape. Tower Arch is a stunning natural sandstone arch that stands out against the blue sky. It is a popular spot for visitors who want to see the beauty of Utah’s desert.

The trail to moab tower Arch is easy, about 3.4 miles round-trip with little elevation change. Hikers can see other rock formations and canyons along the way. It’s important to bring water, sunscreen, and good shoes for this hike because the desert terrain can be tough.

Trailhead Conditions

The tower arch arches national park conditions change with the weather and maintenance. After turning onto Salt Valley Road from the Arches Scenic Drive, you will drive about 8 miles on gravel and dirt. The road can be rough and bumpy, so drive carefully.

When it rains or snows a lot, the road may get muddy and slippery, making it harder to drive.

moab tower

Alternative Trailhead (4WD)

Consider starting at the Klondike Bluffs Trailhead for a different way to access the Tower Arch Trail with a 4WD vehicle. This trailhead connects to various trails, including Tower Arch, and is suitable for 4WD vehicles because of the rough terrain. It’s important to have experience and the right equipment for safe navigation.

Starting from Klondike Bluffs Trailhead will add extra distance and excitement to your hike, passing through sandy washes and rocky areas before reaching Tower Arch. Check trail conditions and weather forecasts before setting out, as conditions can change quickly in the desert. Bring plenty of water, snacks, and sun protection, as there are few services in this remote location.

Visit during spring or fall for the best experience. It’s ideal to go from March to May or September to November when the weather is nice. Avoid the hot summer and big crowds.

Morning or late afternoon is best for less people and better photos. Bring water, sunscreen, and good shoes for hiking. Going in the shoulder seasons and off-peak times will make your hike more enjoyable.

When hiking the Tower Arch Trail in a U.S. National Park, follow park rules for a safe and fun experience. Stick to marked paths to protect nature and avoid harm to ecosystems. Be considerate of others by giving way when needed and keeping noise down to keep the area peaceful.

Remember to take all trash with you, like food wrappers and cigarette butts, to keep the trail clean and animals safe. By obeying these rules and respecting nature and other hikers, you can help keep our national parks beautiful for future generations.

tower arch arches national park

To get into Arches National Park, you need a park pass. This pass lets you go into the park and helps keep it in good shape. You can buy a park pass online on the National Park Service website or at the park entrance.

The price of the pass changes based on the kind you pick and how long you plan to stay. You can choose from one-day passes, yearly passes, and passes for certain groups like seniors or military members. It’s a good idea to buy your park pass ahead of time to make entering the park easier and have a nice visit.

If you want more Utah travel guides, check out websites like and the Utah Office of Tourism website. They have info on attractions, places to stay, and things to do in the state.

You can also find helpful tips in travel guidebooks like Lonely Planet’s Utah & the National Parks or Fodor’s Utah: With Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Capitol Reef & Canyonlands National Parks.

Tower Arch Trail in Arches National Park is a great place to hike and see the beautiful red rock landscape of Utah. You can see tall sandstone formations, old drawings on rocks, and lots of plants and animals.

The hike is a bit tough but not too hard, and you can learn a lot about the park’s history and geology. Whether you’re a pro hiker or just starting out, Tower Arch Trail is a fun adventure that will show you the amazing beauty of Arches National Park. Put on your hiking boots and go explore Tower Arch Moab!

What is so Special About Arches National Park?

Arches National Park has many beautiful sandstone arches, with over 2,000 scattered throughout. The famous Delicate Arch is a symbol of Utah. The park’s unique rock formations were created by erosion and weathering over millions of years, attracting visitors worldwide.

Is Arches a Hard Hike?

Arches National Park has many hiking trails with different levels of difficulty. The most popular trail is Delicate Arch, which is moderately hard because of steep parts and sun exposure. The hike is 3 miles round trip and needs some physical effort, but the beautiful views are worth it.

What City has Famous Arches?

One city known for its famous arches is St. Louis, Missouri, home to the iconic Gateway Arch. Standing at 630 feet tall, the Gateway Arch is a symbol of the city and a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can take a tram to the top for panoramic views of St. Louis and the Mississippi River.

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