Pink Pillbox Hike In Oahu Hawaii: Maili Pillbox (Puu O Hulu)

The Maili Pillbox hike is a hidden gem in Oahu, Hawaii. The trail offers beautiful scenery and has vibrant pink pillboxes that stand out. As you climb Puu O Hulu, also called Maili Pillbox, you’ll see panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and coastline. This hike is a must-do for nature lovers and adventure-seekers.

The Pink Pillbox Hike in Oahu takes you back to World War II when the pillboxes were used as lookout posts by soldiers guarding Hawaii’s shores. This historical significance adds an interesting layer to the hike, allowing hikers to connect with the island’s past while enjoying its natural beauty.

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Pink Pillbox Hike

The Pink Pillbox Hike, also called Maili Pillbox, has a moderate trail with amazing views of the Oahu coastline. The trail is short, about 1.5 miles round trip, but has steep parts and uneven ground, so wear sturdy shoes. Hikers will see beautiful ocean and mountain views along the way.

At the top, hikers can take photos and relax. This hike is popular and can get crowded, so it’s best to go early or on weekdays for a quieter experience.

Distance / Elevation Gain To Maili Pillbox

The Maili Pillbox hike in Oahu, Hawaii is about 2.5 miles round trip and goes up about 500 feet. The trail has beautiful views of the coastline and is a favorite for hikers who want a moderate challenge with great scenery.

Most hikers can do it, but it’s important to bring water, sunscreen, and good shoes. Some parts of the trail are steep, so it’s a good idea to take breaks and go at your own pace.

Pink Pillbox Hike

Entrance Fees

You can go on the Maili Pillbox hike for free. You don’t need to pay to enter or get a permit. The hike is on public land, so anyone can visit without paying. But, you might have to pay a small fee to park in certain areas. Also, follow the rules and take care of the environment. You don’t have to pay to go on the Maili Pillbox hike, but be aware of parking fees and be responsible while hiking.

pink pillbox hike oahu

Where To Park — Pink Pillbox Hike

Parking for the Pink Pillbox trail in Hawaii is limited. The closest parking is at Lanikai Beach public parking lot, which fills up fast, especially on weekends and holidays. It’s best to arrive early or carpool with friends to reduce the number of vehicles.

Another option is to park in nearby residential areas, following posted signs and respecting local residents’ property. Some people use ride-sharing or public transportation instead of driving. Planning ahead and being considerate can help make parking easier for those hiking the Pink Pillbox trail.

How To Get There: Pink Pillbox Hike Directions

To get to the pink pillbox hike oahu, go to Kailua on Oahu, Hawaii. Take the Kalanianaole Highway and find a small parking lot near Lanikai Beach. The trailhead for the hike is at the end of Kaelepulu Drive. Follow the marked path up to the pink pillboxes for great views of Lanikai Beach and the area.

The hike can be steep and tough in some parts, so wear good shoes and bring lots of water. Check the weather before starting, as rain or wind can make the trail harder. With careful planning, hikers can enjoy the hike and its amazing views of Oahu’s coastline.

The Maili Pillbox Hike is best done early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the weather is cooler. This makes the hike more enjoyable and comfortable. The sunrise or sunset lighting can give stunning views and photo opportunities from the pillboxes.

If you want a quieter experience, it’s better to go on a weekday instead of the weekend when it’s more crowded. Always check the weather forecast before heading out for safe hiking conditions.

pink pillbox hawaii

The Maili Pillbox Hike in Hawaii is a scenic trail with rewarding views of the coastline. By following these tips, you can have an enjoyable and safe experience while hiking the Maili Pillbox Trail in Hawaii.

Location and Access:

Maili Pillbox Hike is located on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii. The trailhead can be accessed from the use GPS or a navigation app to locate the trailhead. It’s recommended to start early in the day to avoid the midday heat.


Parking can be limited, especially on weekends. Consider arriving early to secure a parking spot.
Be mindful of local parking regulations and restrictions to avoid any issues.

Footwear and Attire:

Wear sturdy and comfortable hiking shoes as the trail can be uneven and rocky in some sections.
Dress appropriately for the weather. Hawaii can be hot and humid, so lightweight and breathable clothing is advisable.

Sun Protection:

Apply sunscreen before starting the hike, and bring extra to reapply as needed. The sun in Hawaii can be intense, even on cloudy days. Consider wearing a hat and sunglasses for additional sun protection.

Hydration and Snacks:

Bring an adequate amount of water, especially if you’re hiking during the warmer parts of the day. Staying hydrated is crucial. Pack light snacks to keep your energy levels up during the hike.

Trail Conditions:

The Maili Pillbox Hike is moderately challenging, with some steep sections. Take your time and be cautious, especially on the descent. Be aware of the trail conditions, as they can vary based on weather and maintenance. Watch out for loose rocks and slippery areas.

Wildlife and Flora:

Hawaii is home to unique flora and fauna. Respect the natural environment and avoid disturbing any wildlife or plants. Stay on designated trails to minimize impact on the ecosystem.

Litter and Waste:

Follow the principles of Leave No Trace. Carry a small trash bag to pack out any waste, including wrappers and used tissues. Use designated restroom facilities if available; otherwise, follow proper waste disposal practices.


The Maili Pillbox Hike offers stunning views, so don’t forget your camera or smartphone for pictures.
Be mindful of other hikers and the natural surroundings while taking photos.

Weather Awareness:

Check the weather forecast before heading out. Hawaii’s weather can be unpredictable, and rain showers are common. Bring a lightweight rain jacket just in case.

Local Guidelines:

Respect any posted signs or guidelines provided by local authorities. This includes any restrictions on the trail or specific areas.

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The Pink Pillbox Hike in Oahu, Hawaii is a great experience for hikers of all levels. The Maili Pillbox (Puu O Hulu) trail has beautiful views of the landscapes and ocean. It’s a must-see for nature lovers. The hike is moderate and the paths are well-maintained, so most visitors can do it.

It’s a chance to enjoy Hawaii’s natural beauty. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just want a memorable outdoor adventure, the pink pillbox hawaii will be unforgettable.

How Long does it Take to do the Maili Pillbox Hike?

The Maili Pillbox hike usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on how fit you are and how fast you walk. The trail is about 1.5 miles long and has some steep parts, so wear good shoes and bring lots of water. People like to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful views from the pillboxes, so you might want to plan extra time for that.

How Far is the Pink Pillbox hike?

The Pink Pillbox hike is a relatively short and moderate trek located on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii. The trail is approximately 1.6 miles round trip, with an elevation gain of around 500 feet. It typically takes hikers about an hour to reach the iconic pink pillboxes at the summit, where they can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding coastline and mountains.

How Much does it Cost to Hike Pillbox?

Hiking to the Pillbox on Oahu’s Lanikai Trail is cheap because there are no fees. But, the trail is steep and uneven, so hikers need to be ready for some physical effort. It’s important to bring water, sunscreen, and good shoes for a safe and fun time.

What are the pillboxes on Oahu?

During World War II, pillboxes were built on Oahu to defend the island from attacks. They are concrete structures scattered across the island’s mountains, offering strategic vantage points. Today, many people hike to these pillboxes for the great views.

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