10 Best Places to Visit in New Hampshire

Nestled in the heart of New England, New Hampshire is a state known for its picturesque landscapes, charming small towns, and rich history. From rugged mountains to serene lakeshores, this diverse destination offers a plethora of experiences for every type of traveler.

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures or cultural exploration, the Granite State has something to offer everyone.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the 10 best places to visit in New Hampshire, each offering its own unique charm and beauty waiting to be discovered. From majestic peaks to quaint villages, this list is sure to inspire your next adventure in this hidden gem of the Northeast.

List of Cool Places to Visit in New Hampshire:

  • Keene
  • Mount Monadnock State Park
  • Bretton Woods Mountain Resort
  • Hanover
  • Concord
  • Mount Washington State Park
  • Portsmouth
  • Manchester
  • Lake Winnipesaukee
  • White Mountain National Forest

Keene, founded in the early 1700s, is a city known for its rich commercial and cultural significance. Its Main Street is charmingly lined with old brick buildings and fine churches, creating a picturesque scene that reflects the city’s historical heritage.

Keene boasts a vibrant atmosphere thanks to its large student population, with the historic downtown area offering a plethora of great bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

Keene - new hampshire places to visit

The Colonial Theater serves as a hub for music, film, and cultural events, while the annual Keene Pumpkin Festival draws crowds from far and wide. Outdoor enthusiasts will find Mount Monadnock State Park nearby, providing an ideal location for hiking and enjoying nature’s beauty.

Mount Monadnock State Park is a nature lover’s paradise, boasting a range of outdoor activities for all seasons. Hiking and skiing enthusiasts can explore the park’s scenic trails and enjoy cross-country skiing opportunities. The popular White Dot and White Cross loop trail offers breathtaking views from the summit, making it a must-do for visitors.

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Camping in the park provides a unique experience, especially during the vibrant fall season when the foliage transforms into a colorful spectacle. Whether you’re seeking adventure or simply looking to immerse yourself in nature, Mount Monadnock State Park has something to offer for everyone.

Also amazing views at Mount Bromo

Located within the beautiful White Mountains National Park, Bretton Woods Mountain Resort is a historic destination known for its expansive ski area and luxurious amenities. This resort has been a favorite among famous individuals seeking a retreat, offering a variety of dining options, golf courses, and spa services.

best places to visit in new hampshire

With over 100 trails to explore and breathtaking scenery surrounding the resort, it is a must-visit for those looking to relax and immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.

Hanover, situated on the picturesque Connecticut River, is best recognized for being home to Dartmouth College and its vibrant student community. Established as one of the oldest institutions in the United States, Dartmouth College boasts historic buildings that add to the town’s quaint charm.

best places to visit in new hampshire

While Hanover may have limited attractions beyond the college campus, new Hampshire places to visitor can still enjoy outdoor activities by exploring the Appalachian Trail that passes through the area. This scenic trail offers opportunities for hiking and enjoying nature, making Hanover a perfect destination for those seeking outdoor adventures.

Concord, the capital of New Hampshire, is home to the stunning State House, designed in Greek Revival style. Its golden dome stands proudly on bustling Main Street, adorned by historic buildings that add to the city’s charm.

best places to visit in new hampshire

Concord boasts cozy cafes, shops, and restaurants that cater to locals and visitors alike. Situated near attractions like Canterbury Shaker Village and Manchester, Concord offers a mix of historical sites and modern amenities. Visitors can also enjoy exploring nearby state parks, making Concord an ideal destination for sightseeing and relaxation in a picturesque setting.

Mount Washington State Park, named after its majestic peak, is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Standing at an impressive 6,288 feet, Mount Washington is the highest mountain in the northeast region of the United States.

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The summit of this iconic peak features an observatory, museum, cafeteria, gift shop, and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Visitors can explore numerous paths and trails that wind down the mountainside, providing ample opportunities for adventure and discovery in this captivating natural setting.

Portsmouth, located near the Atlantic Ocean, is a historic city with a bustling seaport that has played a significant role in American history. As the third-oldest city in the US, Portsmouth is filled with historic sights and cultural landmarks that offer visitors a glimpse into its rich past.

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The city center is characterized by tree-lined avenues and colonial buildings, creating a picturesque setting for exploration. In addition to its historical charm, Portsmouth also boasts interesting museums, microbreweries, and a mix of old and new attractions that cater to a diverse range of interests.

Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire, is a vibrant hub known for its rich arts scene, cultural offerings, lively entertainment options, and exciting sports events. Its strategic location near Boston, the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Winnipesaukee, and the White Mountains National Forest makes it an ideal base for exploring the diverse landscapes of New England.

new hampshire vacation spots

Educational institutions like the Amoskeag Fishways Learning Center and Millyard Museum provide insightful glimpses into local life and history. To fully experience all that Manchester has to offer, spending a couple of days in this dynamic city is highly recommended to delve into both its urban charm and natural beauty.

Lake Winnipesaukee is the 6th largest lake in the United States and is renowned for its stunning beauty, rugged coastline, and lush forests. The charming towns that dot its shores only add to the appeal of this popular tourist destination.

Visitors flock to Lake Winnipesaukee for a wide range of outdoor activities including water sports, swimming, sailing, and relaxing on its beaches. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the picturesque trails around the lake and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

best places to visit in new hampshire

Located in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, Lake Winnipesaukee is conveniently situated close to other lakes and natural sights, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire is a top attraction known for its stunning mountain ranges, diverse flora, and fauna. This national forest is ideal for camping and hiking, with the famous Appalachian Trail running through it. The fall season is particularly spectacular, offering visitors breathtaking foliage in vibrant colors that create a truly memorable experience.

best places to visit in new hampshire

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or simply looking to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, White Mountain National Forest is a must-visit destination.

New Hampshire offers a diverse range of attractions and natural beauty that make it a fantastic destination for travelers. Some of the best places to visit in New Hampshire include the White Mountains, known for their stunning scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking, skiing, and leaf-peeping in the fall.

New Hampshire offers a diverse range of attractions and natural beauty for visitors to explore. From the scenic White Mountains to the charming coastal towns, there is something for everyone in this picturesque state.

Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking and skiing or prefer exploring historic sites and quaint villages, New Hampshire has it all. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and welcoming locals, a visit to New Hampshire is sure to leave a lasting impression. Plan your trip today and experience the best that this beautiful state has to offer.

What is the Nicest Part of New Hampshire?

One of the nicest parts of New Hampshire is the White Mountains region. Known for its stunning natural beauty, this area offers outdoor enthusiasts a plethora of activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping. The charming towns nestled in the mountains also provide a quaint and picturesque setting for visitors to enjoy.

What is a Famous Landmark in New Hampshire?

One of the most famous landmarks in New Hampshire is the Mount Washington Observatory, located at the summit of Mount Washington. Known for its extreme weather conditions and stunning views, this observatory has been collecting weather data since 1932 and is a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Why is New Hampshire Famous?

New Hampshire is famous for several reasons, primarily its picturesque landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities. Known as the Granite State, New Hampshire boasts stunning natural beauty, including the White Mountains, Lake Winnipesaukee, and numerous state parks.

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