Aruba Beaches Guide: 18 Best Beaches In Aruba

As you walk by the shore, the sea breeze smells like coconut oil and saltwater. The sound of waves crashing relaxes you. Aruba beaches offer water sports and peaceful sunbathing. Come with us to explore the hidden gems and popular spots that make Aruba’s beaches a great destination for travellers seeking bliss by the sea.

Where To Stay In Aruba

Consider staying at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort for a luxurious beachfront experience in Aruba. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Passions on the Beach Restaurant by the water’s edge. For a unique resort option, check out Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, which offers a private island and flamingo beach experience.

You can stay at the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa in Aruba, which is right on Eagle Beach. You can try the fresh seafood at ZeeRovers Restaurant, which has ocean views. You can also stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba, which is in Palm Beach.

Aruba Best Beaches

Beaches Aruba, located in the Caribbean Sea, are world-renowned for their stunning beauty. They feature beautiful ocean views, clean sandbars, and unique sea creatures. Plus, they’re always buzzing with fun activities.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a luxurious spot on Aruba’s coast that guarantees a memorable beach trip. During the day, enjoy the stunning coral reefs and colourful sea creatures in the peaceful sea. At night, relax under the starry sky and enjoy the soothing sound of the waves.

Aruba Beaches

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach, close by, is a beautiful spot known for its white sands and is considered one of the world’s top beaches. Its clear blue waters are a sight to behold and perfect for swimming. If you enjoy relaxing in beautiful surroundings or watching stunning sunsets, then you should visit Eagle Beach in Aruba. Here, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere under the palm trees and experience the calm of this island paradise.

Arashi Beach

Don’t miss out on visiting Arashi Beach in Aruba. It’s a small beach with a lot to offer, especially for snorkelling enthusiasts. You’ll find plenty of colourful fish and sunken tramcars underwater. The beach has perfect swimming conditions all day, thanks to its clear, calm turquoise waters. Plus, the sunsets here are breathtaking, making this beach even more beautiful.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is a safe place for children and those who enjoy shallow waters. It’s a man-made lagoon that offers peace and calm. The beach is also a great place for snorkeling, with many local coral formations to admire. There are food huts scattered around where you can enjoy local snacks while taking in the beautiful views. Baby Beach offers more than just a vacation spot – it feels like a second home.

Baby Beach

Flamingo Beach (Renaissance Island)

Flamingo Beach in Aruba is famous for its special charm and is considered one of the best beaches. It’s located on Renaissance Island, away from Aruba’s mainland. This peaceful and beautiful place combines clear blue waters and soft white sand. What makes this beach unique? The presence of pink flamingos walking around freely, adds a tropical feel that will captivate you.

Iguana Beach (Renaissance Island)

Iguana Beach is like a dream for nature lovers. The harmless green chameleons add a unique touch to your beach visit. But iguanas aren’t the only animals there. Pelicans fly overhead and lizards sunbathe, adding to the fun as you enjoy the sun and sand. This beach is one of the best in Aruba. It’s a top choice on Renaissance Island because of its dynamic wildlife. You won’t forget the unique animals you’ll see there.

Boca Catalina 

Visit Boca Catalina, one of Aruba’s top beaches. It’s peaceful and full of underwater wildlife. Unlike busier beaches, it’s less crowded but still has beautiful scenery and clear blue waters. Boca Catalina is a popular spot for snorkelers worldwide because of its colourful marine life. You’ll find sea turtles, tropical fish of all colours, and amazing coral formations. It’s like experiencing a real-life underwater dance!

Savaneta Beach

Take a quick drive south from the busy resorts to reach Aruba’s historical area and Savaneta Beach. Locals consider this beach a hidden paradise away from commercial zones. It’s a peaceful place that attracts people looking for a quiet escape. The beach overlooks the blue waters of Spanish Lagoon and features unique wooden houses on stilts. The beach is home to lively shallow reefs that attract snorkelers all year round, making Savaneta a top beach in Aruba. Avoid the usual tourist crowds and enjoy the calm atmosphere, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature.

Savaneta Beach

Boca Grandi

Stepping onto the sandy expanse of Boca Grandi will have beach lovers feeling like they’ve stumbled into paradise. Located on the southeastern side of Aruba, this is not your typical lounging spot but rather a windsurfer’s dream come true. With its rugged charm, high winds, and fierce waves, it stands out as one of the best beaches in Aruba for adrenaline junkies.

Rodger’s Beach

If you’re looking for a peaceful beach trip, go to Rodger’s Beach in San Nicolas City. This quiet beach has clear waters that turn pink at sunset. The shoreline has small fishing huts that give it a real Caribbean feel. Many locals say Rodger’s Beach is their favourite, and it could become yours too!

Boca Keto

Whisking you away from the bustling beachfront resorts, Boca Keto claims its rightful place as one of the best beaches in Aruba. This secluded, untouched haven thrives in primal splendour, home to staggering cliffs veiled by misty salt spray and turquoise waters whispering mystery tales of the deep. The beach’s sinuous contours are a treasure trove for travellers seeking solace amidst nature’s raw beauty. Overwhelm your senses as you bask in golden sunset hues and let the rhythmic cadence of cascading waves dictate time, leading you into Boca Keto’s arresting serenity.

Dos Playa

Just on the fringe where wild meets luxury sits Dos Playa nestled on Aruba’s rugged northeast coast. Its name means two beaches, exceptionally placed side by side – a unique spectacle that undoubtedly makes it a contender for the best beach in the Aruba title. The mightier forces of Atlantic swell fracturing over fragile coral reefs offer enthralling vistas and an adrenaline-charged playground for surfers defying convention. An exotic communion with exclusive dunes only amplifies this Beach’s allure, gifting it unassailable charisma amidst Aruba’s illustrious coastline gems.

Dos Playa

Wariruri Beach

Wariruri Beach, located on Aruba’s north coast, is one of the best beaches in Aruba. It’s a hidden treasure that invites travellers to explore its beauty from morning to night. The beach is peaceful and quiet, surrounded by tall limestone cliffs. It’s a perfect escape from the busy world. Besides being a popular spot for surfing, the beach also has interesting local histories buried in its sandy shores.

Mangel Halto

 Mangel Halto, located on Aruba’s south coast stands out amongst rambling roots of red mangrove forests that offer an ethereal charm unlike any other. Acknowledged widely as some of the best snorkelling grounds, it invites adventurers to plunge into azure-clear waters abundant with vibrant marine life and rapturous reef formations.

 Mysterious underwater caves add another thrilling layer guaranteed to excite even seasoned divers at this favoured retreat spot. Arguably one of the best beaches in Aruba—Mangel Halto offers more than just a refreshing seaside experience—it embodies an exotic environment trying timeless tales about Aruban heritage.

Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach, quietly nestled on the northwest coast of Aruba, stands as an undiscovered gem in paradise. Known as the best beach in Aruba for snorkelling and underwater explorations, it’s the epitome of tranquillity with a breathtaking view of shimmering Caribbean waters and striking tropical fish. This rocky limestone coastline dotted with tiny secluded bays offers an exciting contrast to more crowded beaches. Pencil Malmok Beach in your itinerary if you crave an intimate nature immersion.

Hadicurari Beach

Hadicurari Beach in Aruba is a great spot for beach lovers. It’s beautiful and changes from calm in the morning to a popular windsurfing spot by afternoon. It attracts professionals from all over the world. If you love adventure and want to try out surfing or watch amazing kite surfing, you should visit Hadicurari Beach.

Hadicurari Beach

Blackstone Beach

Experience the otherworldly beauty of Aruba’s less-visited seaside gem, Blackstone Beach. Known for its unique black pebbles shimmering under the sun—a striking rather than traditional white sandy shoreline—this beach enchants visitors with its raw scenic charm. Surrounded by cliff walls and marked by powerful tides, it offers an adventurous allure for those travellers craving off-the-beaten-path experiences on the Happy Island.

Grapefield Beach

Travelling along Aruba’s rough east coast, you’ll find Grapefield Beach, a wild haven perfect for windsurfing. This breezy beach is full of sea grapes that produce a bright purple fruit in the summer, a nice snack to enjoy while taking in the wide ocean views. Its large, frothy waves can challenge even experienced surfers, adding excitement to your peaceful beach day as you discover this unique piece of Caribbean beauty.

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 Aruba beaches offer a diverse and stunning range of natural beauty, from the calm turquoise waters of Eagle Beach to the rugged coastline of Andicuri Beach. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat or an adventure-filled day, there is a beach in Aruba to suit every preference. Visitors can indulge in water sports, sunbathe on the soft white sands, or simply take in the breathtaking scenery. With its consistently sunny weather and warm hospitality, Aruba’s beaches are an irresistible destination for travellers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Plan your next getaway to Aruba and experience these 18 best beaches for yourself!


What is the nicest beach in Aruba?

Eagle Beach in Aruba is often regarded as the nicest beach due to its pristine, white sands and clear, turquoise waters. It’s a spacious beach, providing plenty of room for visitors to relax without feeling crowded. The beach is also home to the famous Fofoti trees, which make for a unique and beautiful landscape.

What is Aruba famous for?

Aruba is famously known for its stunning white-sand beaches, turquoise seas, and warm, friendly locals. This small island in the Caribbean is a popular tourist destination due to its year-round sunny weather and beautiful natural landscapes. It’s particularly famous for Eagle Beach, which is often ranked among the best beaches in the world.

Which part of Aruba is best?

The best part of Aruba largely depends on what you’re looking for in your visit. If you’re interested in lively nightlife, high-end shopping, and a variety of dining options, then the Palm Beach area is the best for you. It’s known for its bustling activities and luxury resorts. If you prefer a more relaxed and serene environment, Eagle Beach would be the ideal choice.

Are all Aruba beaches public?

Yes, all beaches in Aruba are public according to the laws of the island. This means that anyone can access and enjoy them regardless of whether they’re locals or tourists. There are no privately owned beaches, so you won’t find any restrictions on which parts of the beach you can visit.

Is it expensive to go to Aruba?

On average, a week-long trip to Aruba can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per person including flights and accommodations. Dining out, entertainment, and other activities will add to this cost. So while it’s not the cheapest destination, it’s also not the most expensive. Planning and budgeting wisely can help make a trip to Aruba more affordable.

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